Having service providers that we can rely on 100% is priceless. We put Rainbow Broadband in that category.
— Amanda Kras, Senior Associate, CDR Studio
We’re a social media agency, so the core of our business is having a strong Internet connection. Rainbow can scale it up as required, and if we need additional services they are very responsive. Their customer service has been one of the best aspects of our relationship.
— AJ Vaynerchuk, Founder of Vayner Media
Having one company on top of it all – from our Internet connection to our Wi-Fi and phones – takes a huge load off. Rainbow Broadband saves time, and time is money.
— Brian Wick, CT, aE|Media
We require the bandwidth to be able to manage large media files with zero hiccups, but what the local telco had to offer is just not sufficient for our needs. Rainbow Broadband came through to give us the bandwidth that we needed.
— Jackie Sparks, Business Manager/Controller, KYLE edit
Rainbow set us up with 100 meg in only a matter of days and it’s been a great experience ever since.
— Stephen Milbank, Co-founder at Button
We’re trusting our business with their solution, so having a direct line to our salesperson and the technical team means a lot to us. In order to run our business, we need to stay connected 24/7 via email, the web, and phones. Rainbow Broadband is absolutely the best way for us to do that.
— Jehv Gold, Owner of Manhattan Fruitier
When you’re running an Internet business, you can’t ever go down. Reliability was the number one reason we chose Rainbow Broadband.
— Chris Korhonen, CTO of Minibar
As I have said before I will use The Rainbow Team as much as possible for any of my events. You guys make it easier for me to deal with internet issues than any other provider I have used.
— Smokey Hernandez, All Points West Festival
We had a short turnaround time to connect NEW INC, our shared workspace and professional development program. Digging under the street again was going to be impossible. We contacted Rainbow Broadband this time, and we saw that the alternative really is in the air. They gave us the speed we need very quickly.
— Doron Ben-Avraham, Director of Technology, New Museum
We’ve experienced virtually 100% uptime with Rainbow. It just functions, with no complaints, and that’s crucial. We have strict deadlines. If we don’t have internet, we can’t work.
— Emily Metro, Sub Rosa
I want to thank you for a phenomenal job. Not just because your team was professional, courteous and most importantly delivered the bandwidth that you promised.
— Rory Lubold, Director of Operations at Prime Focus
Rainbow Broadband met our significant bandwidth requirements for getting highlights and features from Olympus Fashion Week to the outside world. We’ve been very impressed with their ability to act quickly and make the installation fit our tight schedule.
— John Leland, Senior Director Video Operations at IMG Media
The Sony/Google event is wrapping up and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for a job well done. It was a pleasure to work with the Rainbow team on this event. The service was flawless.
— David Paradis, Sony Corporation of America
Rainbow Broadband integrated smoothly into our LAN, and as a result we have been able to provide superior upload and download service of large media files to our clients around the World. They blinded me with Broadband!
— Andy Van Dette, Chief Engineer at Masterdisk