RF Safety

Health Safety

RF Safety is always a concern where humans may knowingly or unknowingly be exposed to radiation. The FCC has strict guidelines that are set forth in the following publication:


Our microwave radios transmit a power level of about 100 milliwatts. That is very low power compared to a cell phone that transmits a power of 600 milliwatts. While no one thinks about the consequences of holding a cell phone against their head, the FCC has strict standards for human exposure to microwave antennas. There are two levels of exposure: Controlled Environment where people are made aware they are in a radiation area by placing safety warning signs. Uncontrolled Environment where there are not warning signs and people are not aware they are in a radiation zone. In the case of Rainbow’s microwave radios, the Controlled Environment safety zone extends from the physical antenna to a point located about 7 inches in front of the antenna. In an Uncontrolled Environment the distance is doubled to about 14 inches in front of the antenna. Here is the calculation using a web tool for radiation safety: