The Rainbow Solution

Rainbow Broadband's own Hybrid Fiber Microwave (HFM™) network combines the scalability of a fiber core with the flexibility of microwave delivery for the last mile. Rainbow delivers Internet, High Speed Data and Voice (VoIP) services to businesses using advanced Metro Ethernet technology, while most of our competitors resell legacy telecom services. Our HFM™ network offers customers complete diversity from the phone company's terrestrial network of copper wires, central offices and manholes.

The Problem

You're probably visiting this Website because you are looking for fast, reliable bandwidth in a NYC building. Who would believe that in the age of Web 2.0, in the most wired city on the planet, getting serious bandwidth in your building would be such a hassle? Well, it is a hassle and you're not alone. The problem is the phone company has lost touch with small and medium size businesses like yours. They're busy spending $ billions on a fiber TV network for residential consumers, leaving businesses to depend on their old crusty copper wiring. Don't expect the situation to improve anytime soon.

Our Solution

We offer high-speed Metro Ethernet connections for Internet, Data and Voice (VoIP) with speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 100Mbps. Ethernet technology provides the best quality, low cost connection. There is no additional equipment to purchase. You simply plug an RJ-45 connector directly into your network switch. The service is symmetrical providing the same upload and download speeds. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is top tier with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime and very low (>50ms) Latency and Jitter.

Customer Support

Our most important mission is customer support. We would not be in business without our customers and we treat you accordingly. Our network monitoring systems and our support team keep you up and running day and night 24x7x365. When we see especially heavy traffic on your connection, we'll call to ask if you need extra bandwidth for even faster speeds. We can crank it up on a moment's notice.