Rainbow Broadband Business Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Rainbow Broadband (RBI) is committed to providing its customers reliable, responsive and personalized service. To ensure that our business priorities are aligned with our customers, RBI provides the following Service Level Agreement (SLA) to subscribers of its business services.

• Network Availability: 99.99

• Network Latency: < 15 millisecond round trip

• Packet Loss: < 1% 

Service Level Coverage Boundary

This service level agreement covers the “RBI Network”. The RBI Network means the infrastructure and/or facilities that are under RBI’s direct control. The RBI Network excludes all Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) provided by customer, the Internet beyond the RBI Network, and any other networks, servers, or components not within the RBI Network. To facilitate service level monitoring and verification, RBI maintains a test server (“Test Server”) at the outer boundary of its network. All performance measurements and references to Test Server shall mean the server at the boundary of the RBI network.

Performance Verification

In order to ensure accurate testing, all performance verifications will be measured from the customer Network Interface to the Test Server. The customer LAN will be disconnected during the test to ensure that customer traffic does not affect the verification results.

Network Availability

For this agreement, ”unavailability” shall mean the total inability to transfer data from the Network Interface to a known operational IP address on a public network. A period of “unavailability” commences when a trouble ticket is opened with RBI Support and RBI confirms the “unavailability”. RBI will use its commercially reasonable “best efforts” to provide and maintain 99.99% network availability. If RBI determines that service was not available for 24 or more cumulative hours during a calendar month, RBI will, upon the customer’s request, credit the customer’s account the prorated charges for (1) day for each full 24 hour period of “unavailability”.

Chronic Outages

A Chronic Outage is considered to have occurred if the service is unavailable for more than 48 consecutive hours, or if more than five (5) confirmed outages, each consisting of at least one hour of “unavailability”, occur within a 30-day period. If a customer has suffered from a Chronic Outage, the customer may cancel the circuit without early termination or other penalty by providing RBI with written notice of its desire to cancel within 30 days of the Chronic Outage condition. Upon verification of the Chronic Outage condition, RBI will cancel the circuit immediately upon receipt of such notice and will credit the Customer with any unused monthly fee for which the Customer has previously been invoiced.

Committed Information Rate

RBI provides 100% Committed Information Rates (CIR) on its Business Service. Each Service will be configured and provisioned to operate to the full CIR specified for the product. The RBI Network is engineered to ensure that even during peak network load, the service will be capable of transmitting or receiving network traffic (IP packets including data and packet overhead) within a 10% maximum variance of the CIR as averaged over a calendar month. Committed Information Rate does not apply to performance outside of the RBI Network. If the subscribed bandwidth throughput is not met, RBI will have 5 days to restore the throughput to specification. If RBI is unable to restore bandwidth throughput to the subscribed level, the customer may elect 1) to cancel the service without early termination fees or other penalty by providing RBI with written notice of its desire to cancel, or 2) to downgrade without penalty to the service bandwidth rate that is being received.

Network Latency

Business services are guaranteed to have Network Latency of 50ms or less within the RBI Network. Network Latency means the round trip packet transit time between a customer network interface and the Test Server as averaged over a 30-day period. If the Network Latency guarantee is not met within a calendar month, RBI, upon customer’s request, will credit the customer’s next monthly invoice the prorated charges of one (1) day of the affected RBI bandwidth service fee for each day the latency guarantee was not met, to a maximum credit of one month.

Packet Loss

Packet loss means the average percentage of IP packets transmitted between all RBI base stations and the Test Server, averaged over a 30-day period, that are not successfully delivered. Packet Loss on the RBI Network is guaranteed not to exceed 1% during a calendar month. If the packet loss guarantee is not met during a calendar month, RBI, upon customer's request, will credit the customer's next monthly invoice the prorated charges of one (1) day of the RBI bandwidth service fee, to a maximum credit of one month.

Trouble Response Time

In the event of a problem with the service resulting in network “unavailability”, as defined above, RBI will make “best efforts” to repair the service to working condition within 2 hours of the outage being reported and a trouble ticket opened. Support for Business Services is provided during standard business hours, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 6PM Eastern.

Additional Terms and Conditions

This Service Level Agreement applies to customers in good standing (paid current). Customers with delinquent accounts or past due balances do not qualify for service credits or priority response. “Unavailability” does not include outages of less than one (1) hour. Service Level Agreement excludes outages, reduced bandwidth throughput and/or increased latency resulting from (a) Network maintenance, (b) circuits provided by other common carriers, (c) an external Internet supplier, Service Provider or an Internet exchange point, (d) acts of omissions of Customer or an authorized user, (e) behavior of Customer equipment, facilities or applications, or (f) acts of God, civil disorder, natural cataclysm, terrorism, radio frequency interference or blockage or other occurrences beyond the reasonable control of RBI. This document supersedes all prior SLA agreements. To request credits under this SLA, customers should email RBI Customer Support at or call (800) 747-1830 within 2 business days of the event.