Peering relationships are the fastest way to your favorite online sites.

Not all networks peer with the world’s most vital content providers – but Rainbow Broadband’s does.

Our network architecture connects us directly to Amazon AWS, Apple, DE-CIX, Google, Netflix, Facebook and many more. That means our customers have a lightning speed experience on their sites, whether you’re streaming HD video or moving massive files around the cloud.

Elevate your efficiency with the peering relationships of Rainbow Broadband: It’s like a private fast pass to the Internet’s most essential destinations.

*Learn more: "What is Peering, and How Does It Help You?"

Current Peering Partnerships:

• 1and1
• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Anexia
• Apple
• Digital Ocean
• Facebook
• Google
• Hurricane Electric
• Init7
• Linode
• Meerfarbig
• Microsoft
• Netflix
• Pavlov-Media
• Symantec
• Twitch TV
• Yahoo