Facebook, Netflix, and Interaction 17 in One Week: Rainbow Broadband Seamlessly Supports a Full Slate of Intensive Events

New York City is arguably the media capital of the world. That title is backed up by the nonstop schedule of events hosted here by the globe’s biggest brands and thought leaders.   

Facebook, Netflix and the annual design gathering Interaction 17 all hosted major gatherings throughout Manhattan during overlapping days in mid-February. Rainbow Broadband was the high-speed Internet provider of choice for each occasion, selected by NYC event planners for its expertise with providing reliable Gigabit services to multiple events. Using its high-speed network made specifically for NYC, Rainbow Broadband is on call to provide ample bandwidth to events, even at logistically challenging locations.

The demands of each February event were data-intensive, but Rainbow Broadband’s deep team – bolstered by over a decade of experience – allowed it to support each client’s needs seamlessly. Whether streaming HD video live to and from dozens of devices, linking teams of developers to the cloud, or allowing 1,000+ top design leaders to collaborate with ease across newly established Wi-Fi networks, Rainbow Broadband helped make each event unfold problem-free.   

The latest and greatest offerings from Netflix, including announcements about hit shows “House of Cards,” “Travelers,” “Love,” and “Project MC2,” were on display on February 8th at a special premiere held at the Hudson Mercantile in Manhattan. Rainbow Broadband connected Netflix and its guests to reliable high-speed Internet throughout the day. Able to quickly set up dependable Internet connections, Rainbow Broadband established Wi-Fi networks that gave fans and media plenty of speed for live streaming posting to social media. Multiple hard lines were also established, and symmetrical bandwidth enabled extremely fast upload times.

Early February also saw Facebook being hosted by the expansive event facility Metropolitan West. In addition to the standard IPV4 protocol, Rainbow Broadband configured the Wi-Fi and hard line networks to support IPV6, a leading-edge request requiring the specialized expertise of Rainbow’s technical team.      

A weeklong convergence of 1,000+ design leaders, professionals and students, Interaction 17 is the annual gathering of the Interaction Design Association. Taking place at Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion from February 3-8, Rainbow Broadband’s Gigabit services allowed ideas to flow smoothly across Wi-Fi networks and hard lines customized specifically for the occasion.   

“Rainbow Broadband routinely supports New York City events in a way that no one else can, deploying our experienced teams citywide,” says Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband. “Bringing bandwidth to the likes of Facebook, Netflix and Interaction 17 simultaneously are all in a week’s work for us: That’s why NYC event planners have complete confidence in us for their high-speed Internet requirements.”

In over 10 years of proven expertise as an NYC high-speed Internet provider, Rainbow Broadband has supplied New York City event planners with customized connectivity solutions. Top brands the company has supported include Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Twitter, Women in the World, Global Citizen, Roker Media, and many more. 

Rainbow Broadband frequently creates networks that support thousands of people in 48 hours or less. With the ability to customize services to each event’s unique specifications, Rainbow Broadband provides multiple Wi-Fi networks and passwords, separate VLANs, and hard lines with specific bandwidth profiles for live streaming.