Minibar Fuels Growth With the Speed and Reliability of Internet and Managed Network Services From Rainbow Broadband

Fixed Wireless Carrier Class Network Made for NYC Selected by On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Service for New SoHo Offices; Provides Symmetrical 50 Mbps Connection, Expert Wi-Fi Management

Rainbow Broadband, a fixed wireless carrier class network made specifically for New York City, has been selected by the on-demand alcohol delivery service Minibar to provide high-speed Internet and network managed services at their new headquarters in SoHo.

Minibar is one of those apps that feels like magic: a few phone taps and wine, beer and liquor are delivered to your door in under an hour. Not surprisingly, Minibar is taking off fast, with service expanding from its NYC home base to 20 cities in just over a year.

The staff of “America’s largest liquor store” is also scaling up, which is why Minibar recently moved into larger quarters. But the historic neighborhood’s cobblestone streets meant that a business-class fiber link would be prohibitively complicated to complete, an obstacle that Minibar overcame with a 50 Mbps connection from Rainbow Broadband.

“Reliability was the number one reason we chose Rainbow Broadband,” says Chris Korhonen, CTO of Minibar. “When you’re running an Internet business, you can’t ever go down: All of our applications are cloud-based – if we can’t connect to the Internet, we can’t work.

“In addition to dependability, we need speed,” Korhonen continues. “Rainbow Broadband provides us with a fast symmetrical connection. They were also able to get us up and running much quicker than the standard Internet providers – it was a really smooth process.”

Rainbow Broadband has been in business for over a decade and stands as one of New York City's largest and most experienced fixed wireless providers. With its ability to establish a high-bandwidth Internet connection – up to 10 Gbps symmetrical -- in days or weeks, instead of months, Rainbow Broadband was ideal for Minibar.

The fast-expanding startup is also taking advantage of Rainbow Broadband's managed services, engaging them to set up and maintain their office network. Minibar’s firewalls, routers, and Wi-Fi are all fully supported by Rainbow Broadband's highly experienced engineers, who can not only custom-design an optimized network but also monitor it, identifying and fixing problems before they happen.

“Since Rainbow Broadband is a fully managed service, I don’t have to spend my days troubleshooting the Wi-Fi,” notes Korhonen. “If one of our employees gets disconnected, I just email Rainbow and it’s taken care of immediately. We’re a small team – I’d much rather be building out our product than managing our Internet.”

Rainbow Broadband was right on time for Minibar as it hones the product search, delivery and service experience for its customers. “No other Internet provider would have worked for us in the time frame that we needed it,” Chris Korhonen says. “Rainbow Broadband was the best way to get us connected, so we can stay focused on growing Minibar.”