Offerpop Propels UGC Marketing with the Dependability of High Speed Internet from Rainbow Broadband

Network Handles Intensive Video & Data Demands for Fast-Growing UGC SaaS Platform

Rainbow Broadband, a network made specifically to meet the needs of New York City’s media and data-driven businesses, has been chosen as the high speed Internet provider by marketing innovators Offerpop.

As creators of a fast-growing user-generated content (UGC) marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Offerpop empowers brands to encourage and leverage user-generated content during every stage of the buyer journey. Working from its Park Avenue offices in NYC’s Flatiron District, Offerpop is empowered in turn by high speed Internet, which must be always available for its 145 employees there and the customers they engage with daily.         

“Everything at Offerpop is cloud-based: There isn’t one server onsite,” says Elvis Ortiz, IT Manager of Offerpop. “The Internet is everything, so if we have downtime the whole company stops working. Six months ago we needed to augment our high speed Internet service with additional connectivity, which proved to be more challenging than I initially expected.”

Offerpop was told by the incumbent cable provider that a fiber install would take six months, which was far too long for Ortiz’ aggressive schedule. “I needed it in two weeks, not half a year,” Ortiz says. “I found the only provider that could get us connected that quickly was Rainbow Broadband. Within two weeks they had us up and running.”

Rainbow Broadband has been in business for over a decade and stands as one of New York City's largest and most experienced high-speed Internet providers. With its ability to establish a fast, reliable dedicated bandwidth Internet connection – up to 10 Gbps symmetrical -- in days or weeks, instead of months, Rainbow Broadband moves at the speed of NYC.

The speed and reliability of Rainbow Broadband’s 250 Mbps link assures maximum uptime for Offerpop’s sales force and development team. “When our developers are deploying changes, they need a big pipe,” explains Ortiz. “We also have a lot of interaction with agencies to help with customer implementation, so we do a lot of Web training. There are seminars, Google Hangouts, and we videoconference frequently with an office in London, so a full 20% of our bandwidth gets dedicated to video compression.

“It was essential to minimize downtime for any of those groups,” he continues. “If the salespeople aren’t connected we’re losing money. I sit right next to Offerpop’s CEO, and I don’t like him saying to me, ‘We don’t have any Internet?’ Having Rainbow Broadband is how I avoid that question.”