First-Ever NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon Goes Gigabit with Rainbow Broadband

It’s not every day that geeks can get their game on, but the first-ever NBA Basketball Analytics Hackathon made it possible.

With its deep experience connecting NYC events, Rainbow Broadband provided Gigabit services to the Hackathon, which happened September 24th on Manhattan’s West Side.  As math wizards of every stripe – student statisticians, developers and engineers – converged at venue Terminal 23, a reliable high-speed Internet link was essential to building basketball analytics tools and developing solutions to challenging problems in the field of basketball analytics.

Using its high-speed network made specifically for NYC, Rainbow Broadband is on call to provide plenty of bandwidth to events, even at logistically challenging locations. Able to quickly set up dependable Internet connections, Rainbow Broadband established Wi-Fi networks that gave the motivated hackers fast access to the data needed to win the NBA’s inaugural competition. Multiple hard lines were also established, while symmetrical bandwidth enabled extremely fast upload times.

The NBA Hackathon was judged by NBA league office personnel, NBA team representatives and academics. After a day of furious coding, “Team Hero Ball” emerged from a packed room of entrants to be named the winner.

“Hackathons are data-intensive events,” says Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband. “In addition to large teams of computer programmers, they can also involve squads of graphics and UI designers, as well as project managers, all collaborating across networks in real time. As Hackathons grow in popularity across NYC, Rainbow Broadband is uniquely equipped to ensure that they function uninterrupted and achieve maximum productivity.”  

In over 10 years of proven expertise supplying New York City events with customized connectivity solutions, Rainbow Broadband has supported top brands including Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Twitter, Fashion Week, Women in the World, Global Citizen, and many more.

Rainbow Broadband frequently creates networks that support thousands of people in 48 hours or less. Rainbow Broadband can customize services to each event’s unique specifications, providing multiple Wi-Fi networks and passwords, separate VLANs, and hard lines with specific bandwidth profiles for live streaming.