StarShop Reboots Shopping with High-Speed Internet from Rainbow Broadband

The way people shop is ready for an overhaul, and StarShop is making it happen. Based out of their Times Square offices, StarShop’s online mobile shopping platform effortlessly connects consumers with celebrity product lines, for immediate access to apparel, exercise gear and more from famed tastemakers.

Live From Times Square

With offices and a busy production studio overlooking Times Square below, StarShop needed a high-speed Internet connection that could move huge data and video files at top speed. They chose the Gigabit services of Rainbow Broadband, a network made specifically to meet the needs of New York City’s media and data-driven businesses.

“StarShop is in the process of rebooting shopping,” says Marvin Segel, COO of StarShop. “We’re optimized for mobile and e-commerce, based on shopping via the stars and not just focused on products. Our broadband demands are significant because we’re constantly sending huge files: The average StarShop PowerPoint presentation is well over 500 GB because of the video files that it contains – we need the capacity to move large amounts of data and Rainbow Broadband is how we do that.

“The strong Internet connection is also very important to us in enabling great Wi-Fi. If we’re demonstrating to a conference room full of VIPs, we want the StarShop app to open quickly and work well. Our reliable Internet connection from Rainbow Broadband makes it happen every time.”

At the Ready

Rainbow Broadband’s role expanded when they installed VoIP phones at StarShop, a reflection of confidence in their dedicated service and support. “The biggest measure of a good company is that you can call them and they respond immediately,” Segel says. “With Rainbow Broadband, it’s just one call to your salesperson and it’s done.”

For Segel and his growing team at StarShop, Rainbow Broadband is a New York City Internet service provider (ISP) that brings a triple play of benefits. “Speed, service and reliability are critical in today’s business world,” he states. “When you’re in the technology space, you need people that can support you the way Rainbow Broadband does.”

Coach New York Fashion Week Event is Powered by Rainbow Broadband

New York Fashion Week is all about standing out from the crowd -- and luxury designer Coach found a way.

The brand’s newest line, Coach 1941, was launched in a show held on September 15, 2015 at New York City’s famed High Line on the West Side. Rainbow Broadband’s experience in connecting NYC events made it the choice to provide ample bandwidth for the logistically challenging location.

Using its carrier class fixed wireless network, Rainbow Broadband supplied a fast 50 Mbps connection which made it possible for Coach to stream the show live worldwide in HD video. A Wi-Fi network was also established in the temporary structure over the Hudson yards, allowing hundreds of journalists and tastemakers to instantly share their experience via social media – activity was heavy on #coachspring2016 throughout the show.

In over 10 years of proven expertise supplying New York City events with customized connectivity solutions, Rainbow Broadband has supported global brands including Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and many more.

Rainbow Broadband frequently creates networks that support thousands of people in 48 hours or less. Rainbow Broadband can customize services to each event’s unique specifications, providing multiple Wi-Fi networks and passwords, separate VLANs, and hard lines with specific bandwidth profiles for live streaming.