What Is Peering, and How Does It Help You?

When is the Web at its best? When it’s fast, responsive, and boosting business by enhancing efficiency.  

One of the backbones to the Internet and how quickly it moves is peering, a literal web of relationships that links all the separate and autonomous networks of the world into one system. They converge as a common framework that allows any Internet user to find each other, facilitating everything from international email communication to video streaming and access to cloud services.

Not all peering relationships are created equal, however. Many of them fall into the public peering category, which allows networks to interconnect with a multitude of other networks. Public peering puts these networks in touch with a large number of networks, but with a tradeoff: reduced capacity, leading to higher latency and increased bandwidth.

The alternative is private peering, an approach that takes more work to put together but with notable benefits for its users. Private peering pairs up two networks that have routers located in the same building, connected directly via a point-to-point cable. Going private results in greater control by keeping traffic local and easier to route, making it far less vulnerable to packet loss or slowdowns that can occur in the public realm. When large quantities of data are being uploaded or downloaded, this shorter path makes a big difference.     

Rainbow Broadband has established private peering relationships that give our customers the advantage of peering directly with some of the world’s most vital content providers including Apple, Google, Netflix, Yahoo!, Amazon AWS, Symantec, Digital Ocean and Linode. Through our interconnection to Akamai, AMS-IX, Big APE and DE-CIX Internet Exchanges, we can connect securely and at extremely high speed with these content providers.

The benefit is an increased level of efficiency that makes a crucial day-to-day difference at organizations producing time-sensitive data in large quantities, such as digital media companies, post-production facilities, and financial service organizations. Latency is minimized and our big bandwidth is maximized, which is why Rainbow Broadband customers have a lightning speed experience on these sites, whether they’re streaming HD video or moving massive files around the cloud.

Choose your network wisely -- you could be plugging into private peering that makes a real difference to your business.