Bark & Co Gets Room to Grow with High Speed Internet From Rainbow Broadband

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Made-for-NYC Network Connects Multiple Offices, Supports Rapid Company Expansion

NEW YORK – Rainbow Broadband, a network made specifically to meet the needs of New York City’s media and data-driven businesses, has been chosen as the high speed Internet provider by dog lifestyle brand Bark & Co.

Launched in 2012 with the mission of making dogs everywhere happier and healthier, Bark & Co has fetched remarkable success on the strength of its flagship offering, BarkBox, a monthly box of toys and treats. As the staff expands in Bark & Co’s New York City and Columbus, OH offices, Rainbow Broadband has been key to clear connections and ongoing innovation.

Clear Conference Lines

With the company’s central offices in Manhattan’s startup-friendly Chinatown neighborhood, Bark & Co depends on Rainbow Broadband’s fast Gigbabit connection to facilitate real-time communication among the employees in both cities, which stands at a 150+ headcount and rapidly growing.

“Rainbow Broadband really extended our network, so we can be sure that our wireless Internet is capable of accommodating all of our employees,” says Nikki Richard, Efficiency Manager for Bark & Co. “Adding conference lines was a very important part of that equation. Our employees need to have a reliable connection where they can clearly hear and see each other, whether they’re talking to vendors or employees at our other office via Google hangouts.

“Before we had Rainbow Broadband, employees were using their personal cell phones to call vendors and clients. Having access to fast, reliable Internet makes communications much more consistent, which saves time and money.” 

Streamlining Customer Service & Live Video

Bark & Co depends on the superior point-to-point Internet of Rainbow Broadband to make every department move as fast as possible. “We are an e-commerce site, so speed is really important to us for many reasons,” Richard notes. “We have product design and fulfillment, as well as customer service which requires fast response times so all of our customers understand that we’re working with them to address issues quickly.

“Video is also playing an increasingly major role for us. Rainbow Broadband has enabled us to have faster download rates for streaming live video to outlets like Facebook Live.”

An Asset Behind the Scenes

Rainbow Broadband has been in business for over a decade and stands as one of New York City's largest and most experienced high-speed Internet providers. With its ability to establish a fast, reliable dedicated bandwidth Internet connection – up to 10 Gbps symmetrical -- in days or weeks, instead of months, Rainbow Broadband moves at the speed of NYC.

Rainbow Broadband’s elite customer service takes reliability to the next level. “I love that I can call Rainbow with a direct line to my account manager, or if I email them they’ll get back to me within minutes,” Richard says. “Bark & Co is growing, but we’re still a startup. I like to think of Rainbow Broadband as a ninja operating out of sight, helping us to run smoothly and efficiently.”