Making Your Tenants Happier and Property More Valuable With High-Speed Internet

Throughout New York City and the rest of the country, the commercial real estate landscape is extremely competitive, and the slightest advantage in amenities, location or cost can give one building the clear edge. A potential clinching factor that often goes unmentioned in conversations between building managers and prospective tenants is high-speed Internet.

The availability of a reliable, high-speed Internet connection - or the option between several - can go a long way in securing a lease signing from a high-tech, fast-moving company looking for a new home. It’s an asset that’s becoming increasingly essential for landlords to make part of their pitch upfront.

21st century companies like Vice, Vayner Media, BuzzFeed, Kickstarter, FanDuel, and Mashable require the fastest and most consistently reliable high-speed Internet to transmit streaming video and breaking news, and they'll accept nothing less. Having options available to provide Internet services that’s built for the demands of business is a pre-emptive step in attracting these companies.

An Easy Addition

From a logistical standpoint, installing a premium point-to-point Internet provider like Rainbow Broadband means you'll have a rooftop-mounted microwave system that’s out-of-sight, energy-efficient and extremely safe - with a smooth and minimally invasive onboarding process. It’s an efficient process that has the confidence of top real estate developers like Durst and Related Companies, which host Rainbow Broadband customers in their buildings. (For more info, see how a Rainbow Broadband install works. Also see the top six questions prospective tenants ask about Internet connectivity when moving into a building.)

Once a high-speed Internet provider is readily available onsite, it's a powerful draw that can attract new tenants and make your current tenants happier - leading to a higher retention rate, less turnover, and more referrals. And with leasing activity slowing down for New York City office buildings in the first half of 2016, concessions and incentives are more important than ever to building managers

Making microwave-based high-speed Internet service has never been easier. That’s what makes experienced providers like Rainbow Broadband a direct path to tenant satisfaction and retention for buildings across NYC.