Rainbow Broadband Chosen by Hightower to Provide High-Speed Internet and Network Managed Services

Fixed Wireless Carrier Class Network Made Specifically for NYC Selected by Fast-Growing Real Estate Tech Company for Fast 200 Mbps Connection, Plus Network Management Expertise

Rainbow Broadband, a fixed wireless carrier class network made specifically for New York City, has been chosen by the real estate tech company Hightower to provide high-speed Internet and network managed services at its new SoHo headquarters.

Hightower is a leasing automation platform for the commercial real estate industry that helps landlords and brokers streamline their leasing operations. Founded in Seattle in 2013, the company has since relocated to Manhattan, added thousands of new buildings to its platform, and raised $21.6 million in funding to support its rapid growth.

When Hightower and its 50+ employees moved into their new SoHo headquarters earlier this year, company executives were disappointed to learn that the building’s Internet connection lacked the speed and reliability that they required.

“We were using one of the standard Internet providers, but we found that it wasn't business class," says Niall Smart, CTO & Co-Founder of Hightower. "The connection went down frequently, there was a lot of packet loss, and their service teams were not being responsive. When we investigated fiber connectivity, we were told it would take six months to get us lit up. In contrast, Rainbow Broadband moved very quickly from our initial query to a live 200 Mbps connection, and it’s been extremely reliable."

Rainbow Broadband, which has been in business for over a decade and stands as one of New York City's largest and most experienced fixed wireless providers, emerged as the solution. With its ability to establish a high-bandwidth Internet connection – up to 10 Gbps symmetrical -- in days or weeks, instead of months, Rainbow Broadband was the right choice for Hightower.

Ramping up fast was essential for Hightower, since, like a growing number of businesses, they don't maintain any servers in-house. Instead, they depend almost exclusively on web-based tools to run the company.

“Keeping everything in the cloud helps Hightower to scale very quickly because they don't have to worry about equipment to monitor and maintain,” notes Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband. “The flipside is that a company’s broadband connection becomes incredibly important: If the Internet goes down, progress grinds to a halt. That’s why maintaining our level of service at all times is Priority Number One at Rainbow Broadband.”

Hightower is also taking advantage of Rainbow Broadband's managed services, engaging the company to set up and maintain their office network. Firewalls, routers, and Wi-Fi are all fully supported by Rainbow Broadband's highly experienced engineers, who can not only custom-design an optimized network but also monitor it, identifying and fixing problems before they happen.

As Hightower continues its meteoric rise in the real estate tech corridor, Rainbow Broadband is providing it with the crucial Internet connectivity and managed network services it can count on.