Rainbow Broadband Links Long Island City with High Speed Internet for Digital Production Company Kornhaber Brown


Webby Award-Winning Shop Selects Network Made for NYC Business for Fast Connection to Media Clients

NEW YORK – Rainbow Broadband, a network made specifically for New York City businesses, has been selected as the high speed Internet provider by the Long Island City-based digital production company Kornhaber Brown.

Eric Brown  - Executive Producer / Founder at  kornhaberbrown

Eric Brown - Executive Producer / Founder at kornhaberbrown

The westernmost neighborhood of Queens, the growth of Long Island City (LIC) as a commercial center is being aided by the extremely fast Internet access made possible by Rainbow Broadband. Kornhaber Brown, which has won four Webby Awards for PBS and MTV and driven over 100 million views for their clients, found LIC was attractive for expansion after five years in Manhattan.  

“We needed more space, but Manhattan was getting a bit silly with price per square foot,” says Eric Brown, Executive Producer/Founder of Kornhaber Brown. “We looked around and found that Long Island City was central to a lot of our staff, and had some great rental deals. It’s also much quieter than Manhattan, and we are able to afford double the space for only about 25% more rent.”

With a demanding clientele including traditional networks, digital networks, and top brands, robust Internet connection was a must for the growing media company. “We’re uploading 1GB video files all day long to send to our clients for review and for publishing online,” Brown notes. “Combine that with 20 employees using the internet for normal office use: We just need a strong, consistent connection.”

But Kornhaber Brown discovered after moving in that high speed Internet was one amenity that LIC’s aging communications infrastructure lacked. “The incumbent cable provider initially told us that they serviced the location, but then they retracted and said it would cost a huge amount of money to install it, and it would take months,” recalls Brown. “That’s when we researched Rainbow, and found that not only could they could provide their service in LIC, but that they could get it up for us within a month, which was our necessary timeline. They made it happen.”

Rainbow Broadband has been in business for over a decade and stands as one of New York City's largest and most experienced high-speed Internet providers. With its ability to establish a fast, reliable dedicated bandwidth Internet connection – up to 10 Gbps symmetrical -- in days or weeks, instead of months, Rainbow Broadband moves at the speed of NYC.

“More and more NYC-based media companies are looking beyond Manhattan in order to expand,” says Russ Hamm, President and Founder of Rainbow Broadband. “Rainbow Broadband is providing businesses in Long Island City with essential bandwidth, while we continue to extend our reach deeper into Brooklyn and Queens.” 

Rescued by their Rainbow Broadband connection, Kornhaber Brown has made the move to LIC pay off.

“Our Internet speeds are solid with no downtime, no drama -- that’s all we ask,” Brown says. “Rainbow Broadband provided us with an easy-to-install, dependable, high-speed solution that makes running a media company in New York possible.”



About Rainbow Broadband Inc.:

Rainbow Broadband is a fixed wireless carrier class network, supplying innovative technology and business solutions to New York City businesses requiring competitively-priced high-speed broadband. Rainbow Broadband has developed a fast and reliable broadband network using a hybrid fiber microwave system, which delivers symmetrical bandwidth via Ethernet at speeds up to 10 Gbps. Rainbow Broadband is a full-service organization offering a diverse range of broadband and IT solutions for New York City metropolitan area businesses.


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