Rainbow Broadband Now Peering With Major Global Content Providers at Netrality Properties’ 325 Hudson

NEW YORK – May 9, 2016: Rainbow Broadband, a high-speed carrier class network, recently announced its physical presence at 325 Hudson, which enables it to provide its customers with an exceptionally fast connection to some of the world’s most vital content providers via peering relationships. 325 Hudson is a Netrality Properties-managed carrier-neutral interconnection facility.

325 Hudson offers interconnection to AMS-IX, Big APE and DE-CIX Internet Exchanges and Rainbow Broadband’s new PoP (Point of Presence) takes advantage of this unique opportunity to connect its customers -- securely and at extremely high speed -- to content providers such as Apple, Google, Netflix, Yahoo!, Digital Ocean and Linode. The increased efficiency of this peering connection makes a crucial day-to-day difference at organizations producing time-sensitive data in large quantities, such as digital media companies, post-production facilities, and financial service organizations.

Over the past ten years, Rainbow Broadband has established itself as one of New York City's largest and most experienced high-speed Internet providers, with a customer base spanning Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island City. Many of the fastest growing companies in industries including social media, digital production, and finance rely on Rainbow Broadband’s network, including, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Kickstarter, and Samsung.  

“325 Hudson has emerged as a crucial media hub, and our New York City customers are benefitting greatly from this connection to some of the world’s largest content providers,” Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband, said.

“Rainbow Broadband has had tremendous success powering a who’s-who of top tech, media, and financial institutions in New York City with their remarkable speeds and reliable service,” John A. Danko, Director of Business Development at 325 Hudson, said. “Rainbow’s direct presence, and participation in peering at 325 Hudson, will help grow the collaborative environment here, and ensure more New York City businesses are receiving essential data and content at the speeds they need.”

For a full list of Rainbow Broadband’s peering partners, please visit here.