Focus on Financial Services – The Rainbow Broadband Advantage

Fast-moving businesses call for the fastest Internet, with the need for speed going sky high at New York City financial institutions and hedge funds. And no wonder: This is a metropolis that hosts the world’s two biggest stock exchanges, and financial services account for more than 20% of the city’s economic output, employing 340,000 + people in the process. Collectively, they handle trillions of dollars a day.

Along with the constant pressure to generate more revenue is the drive to do it faster. High frequency trading has increased expectations among investment banks, hedge funds and institutional investors to move orders at extreme speeds – every millisecond gained is an advantage.



For over 10 years, Rainbow Broadband has had a growing role in connecting NYC finance to the Internet. One of the city’s largest and most experienced fixed wireless providers, Rainbow Broadband’s carrier class fixed wireless network is the first choice for a diverse group of New York City’s biggest and most vital financial institutions and hedge funds. Operating on a microwave point-to-point network architecture that’s faster than fiber, a Rainbow Broadband connection has become essential to keep financial data racing, comply with regulations, and help grow their business in the process.

The cornerstone of Rainbow Broadband’s support of IT success for financial institutions starts with bandwidth: It’s an ultra high-speed network that can move at up to 10 Gbps. Rainbow Broadband’s point-to-point microwave network design represents the ideal fixed wireless solution, engineered to have extremely low latency for confidence in fast communication and high-speed trading.

Rainbow’s key role in connectivity for finance extends beyond bandwidth, however. In the wake of disasters like Hurricane Sandy, which wreaked havoc on Internet infrastructure in the NYC metro area, Rainbow Broadband proved itself as integral to disaster recovery and business continuity: If a business had Rainbow Broadband, and the power to their building stayed on, their Internet link remained fully functional throughout Sandy.

The vulnerability of NYC businesses during disasters is due to the fragile infrastructure that the major telcos depend on – an underground network of terrestrial copper and fiber that was instantly shorted out by Sandy’s surges all over Manhattan. But as an aerial network, Rainbow was unaffected, allowing all of its customers with power to continue doing business uninterrupted. For financial institutions and hedge funds, a Rainbow Broadband connection translated to a competitive edge early on.

Speed, reliability, and the ability to work through disasters are essential to any business, but those attributes are even more mission critical in New York City’s fast-paced financial world. Add it all up, and that’s why Rainbow Broadband is the ideal Internet connection for this sector.