Looker “Join” Conference Delivers Innovative Data with Rainbow Broadband

Data was the star of the show at Join, the first multi-day conference put on by data and analytics platform Looker. Promising to “Disrupt with Data,” the sold-out two-day event was held on Manhattan’s West Side.   

Dependable high-speed Internet was essential for Join, and Rainbow Broadband was the venue’s choice to ensure the data flowed seamlessly at all times. With its expertise in connecting NYC events, Rainbow is the reliable resource to provide plenty of bandwidth, even at logistically challenging locations.

Rainbow Broadband used its high-speed network made specifically for NYC to power Join, providing Gigabit services and establishing Wi-Fi networks that allowed attendees fast Internet access for immediate social media sharing. A large roster of industry experts benefited from the Wi-Fi and hard lines to lead an intensive agenda of hands-on learning, panels and workshops that lead the way in data gathering and analysis.

“Data analytics tools keep growing in power, functionality and scope,” says Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband. “These evolving capabilities come with increased bandwidth demands, at events like Looker’s ‘Join’ and every day at businesses throughout NYC.” 

In over 10 years of proven expertise as an NYC high-speed Internet provider, Rainbow Broadband has supplied New York City events with customized connectivity solutions. Top brands the company has supported include Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Twitter, Women in the World, Global Citizen, and many more.

Rainbow Broadband frequently creates networks that support thousands of people in 48 hours or less. Rainbow Broadband can customize services to each event’s unique specifications, providing multiple Wi-Fi networks and passwords, separate VLANs, and hard lines with specific bandwidth profiles for live streaming.