Rocketrip Goes Further With High Speed Internet, Wi-Fi and VoIP Phones from Rainbow Broadband

Made for NYC Network Boosts Bandwidth, Consolidates Key Services for Business Travel Innovators

New York – Rainbow Broadband, a network made specifically to meet the needs of New York City’s media and data-driven businesses, has been chosen as the high speed Internet, Wi-Fi and VoIP phones provider by business travel platform Rocketrip.

When it launched in 2013, Rocketrip was a new startup with a pioneering business travel incentive platform. With the ability to achieve an average 30% savings by employees, it’s not surprising that Rocketrip has caught on quickly. When fast growth created a big appetite for bandwidth, Rainbow Broadband emerged as an essential solution.

The Missing Link

As Rocketrip’s staff size rapidly mushroomed from 15 to over 50 in under 18 months, the company moved from cramped downtown quarters to an expansive new location at 38th Street and Madison Avenue in Midtown. Although the company now had enough space, they realized the building’s standard Internet connectivity was severely lacking.

“The options that the incumbent provider made available to us were terrible – the speeds were subpar and their technology was dated,” recalls Kevin O’Neill, VP, Product & Engineering for Rocketrip. “We’re a technology company, and a big part of our business depends on moving large amounts of data to support our application, which is hosted on Amazon. We needed a reliable high-speed Internet provider to support our backend, and Rainbow Broadband emerged as the ideal partner to do that.”

With its ability to set up Gigabit-speed networks in days, instead of weeks or months, Rainbow Broadband got Rocketrip back to full strength quickly in their new location. “Making our teams wait doesn’t make sense,” O’Neill says. “Rainbow Broadband pulled out all the stops to make the installation as smooth as possible, and they did it in just three days. Rainbow offered some of the fastest options available, along with the stability and reliability that we demand.”

More from Managed Services

Rocketrip’s IT buildout at their new location was made even easier with Rainbow Broadband’s array of managed services, engaging them to set up and maintain the Wi-Fi and VoiP phones onsite. The vital applications are fully supported by Rainbow Broadband's highly experienced engineers, who can not only custom-design an optimized network but also monitor it, identifying and fixing problems before they happen.

“Having all these things come from a single data provider makes things really easy for us,” notes O’Neill. “Rainbow Broadband’s managed services mean I have one point of contact for everything, so I can build a relationship with one vendor as opposed to multiple vendors. That not only saves us time, but allows us to benefit from economies of scale.”   

As Rocketrip continues its upward mobility, Rainbow Broadband is helping to fuel their growth.

“Finding the right vendors is critical to the success of your business,” O’Neill says. “We look for relationships that we can rely on, that help us as a business to solve problems quickly and move faster. Rainbow Broadband fits into that category for us.”


About Rocketrip:

Rocketrip is the leading tech platform for reducing corporate travel costs. By letting employees keep half of what they save on their business trips, Rocketrip motivates responsible spending. The platform's algorithms integrate a company's travel policy with real-time trip pricing and availability to create a personalized "Budget to Beat" for each trip. Employees book using their favorite travel websites or a travel management company, and Rocketrip provides employers with insights and analytics on company spending, savings and employee travel behavior.

Rocketrip is based in New York City and has received funding from Canaan Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Genacast Ventures, Crunchfund, Y Combinator, and angel investors.