VAYNERMEDIA Fuels Growth In NYC With Top Speed Internet, VoIP and Virtual IT From Rainbow Broadband

Explosive growth is the goal for any company. But as fast-moving firms like New York City-based VaynerMedia have found, a rapidly expanding staff can create challenges of its own.

In just a few short years, VaynerMedia – one of the globe’s top social media firms – has rocketed from startup to top dog status. In the process, its workforce has grown fast: Just two years ago it numbered 40, but now that headcount has increased to 250 strong with offices in New York & San Francisco.

A constant quest for larger office space comes with the territory. Each time VaynerMedia has made a move in Manhattan, they've counted on Rainbow Broadband to supply them with their all-important Internet connection. Newly ensconced in offices overlooking Madison Square Park, VaynerMedia doesn't have to worry about the limitations of their building’s legacy copper connections. Instead, their link to the world comes via a fast 200 Mbps Internet link from Rainbow Broadband.

The connection is made possible by Rainbow Broadband’s Hybrid Fiber Microwave broadband network. A new carrier class network made specifically to service NYC, Rainbow Broadband’s technology offers business customers more bandwidth and provides complete diversity from the aging copper network offered by the city’s dominant telco.

“In growing from 40 to 250 employees Rainbow Broadband has been very helpful to us as we map out our moves,” says AJ Vaynerchuk, Founder of VaynerMedia. “When we relocate into a new building, Rainbow gets us set up very quickly, and when we expand to an additional floor, they continue to help us with pricing and scaling. They always make sure that we’re set up ahead of time, and our Internet backbone is running smoothly from the day we move in. “

“That's the biggest thing -- the expertise and advice they give me,” Vaynerchuk continues. “I describe what I need to them in layman's terms, and they translate that into the steps we need to take for success. We’re a social media agency, so the core of our business is having a strong Internet connection. Rainbow can scale it up as required, and if we need additional services they are very responsive. Their customer service has been one of the best aspects of our relationship.”

Rainbow Broadband’s role goes beyond bandwidth. They provide a virtual IT department for VaynerMedia, supporting and managing their entire network. Rainbow Broadband oversees all of their offices’ WiFi and VoIP phones, and an engineer is on call 24/7 to immediately address any issues that may arise.

For VaynerMedia, the comprehensive support of Rainbow Broadband is essential for keeping up with their blue chip client list. “I think our passion and focus on social media is what has allowed us to grow so quickly,” concludes Vaynerchuk. “But we have so much more we still want to accomplish. To have a company like Rainbow Broadband backing us up, with their outstanding customer service and reliability, allows us to concentrate on growing VaynerMedia.”