Rainbow Broadband Breaks High Bandwidth Barriers in the West Village for Sub Rosa

Time was when the West Village was a gritty center of industry in a nascent New York City. As iron works, lumber yards, and rowhouses sprung up there throughout the 1800’s, the neighborhood’s tightly packed cobblestone blocks certainly weren’t designed with broadband connectivity in mind.

Flash forward to the 21st Century, and the strategic ad agency Sub Rosa’s move into a historic former factory in the West Village hits a snag: available Internet speed is cripplingly slow, and the city’s dominant telco wants to bill them hundreds of thousands of dollars to lay down the fiber to fix it.

“We never thought it would be such a struggle to get high-speed Internet into our building,” says Emily Metro, Office Manager of Sub Rosa. “After we moved in, getting the necessary bandwidth proved to be much more difficult than we ever expected.”

The solution was Rainbow Broadband, whose Hybrid Fiber microwave network provided Sub Rosa with their essential high speed connection. A new carrier class network made specifically to service New York City, Rainbow Broadband’s technology gives business customers an alternative to the aging copper network, or extremely expensive point-to-point fiber runs, offered by the city’s dominant telco.

A beautiful four-story structure where ship sails were once manufactured, the Sub Rosa building now houses a 40+ team of employees constantly innovating for clients such as AT&T, Absolut, Diesel, GE, Nike, Reebok, Sony, and Yves Saint Laurent. Rainbow Broadband keeps them connected with a fast 100Mbps link, that’s proven to be extremely reliable. “We’ve experienced virtually 100% uptime with Rainbow,” Metro says. “It just functions, with no complaints, and that’s crucial: We have strict deadlines, and if we don’t have Internet, we can’t work.”

After the red tape of dealing with the telco, Sub Rosa has experienced the customer service advantage of Rainbow Broadband. “There’s one point of contact, which is extremely appealing to us,” notes Metro. “At Rainbow Broadband, they know exactly who we are. Whereas with the phone company, you never know who you're dealing with on the other end of the line, and you have to explain your situation again and again."

There's even more in store at Sub Rosa. The agency has big plans for its new event space, an expansive facility that they're hoping will make history all over again in the West Village. "More people onsite means even greater demands on our Internet connection," Emily Metro observes. "Were counting on Rainbow Broadband to help us keep up the pace."