Media Production Spotlight: KYLE edit Receives Bandwidth Relief from Rainbow Broadband

Media companies love getting creative with content – improvising with their Internet infrastructure, however, is something they could do without.  

When the boutique video editing firm KYLE edit moved into a beautiful 100 year-old brick building in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, its quartet of star editors was hoping to be in business as soon as they had their suites set up. But there was an unexpected stumbling block: High-speed Internet sufficient to quickly move large video files wasn't wired into their historic new home, and the cobblestone streets outside made a fiber connection logistically complicated and prohibitively expensive.

“As media production has become almost exclusively digital, clients expect to receive updates in the blink of an eye," says Jackie Sparks, business manager/controller for KYLE edit. "We require the bandwidth to be able to manage large media files with zero hiccups, but what the local telco had to offer is just not sufficient for our needs. Rainbow Broadband came through to give us the bandwidth that we needed."

The Hybrid Fiber Microwave broadband network from Rainbow Broadband provided KYLE edit with a connection that moves at the fast pace of digital media. A new carrier class network made specifically to service New York City, Rainbow Broadband’s technology offers business customers more bandwidth and provides complete diversity from the aging copper network offered by the city’s dominant telco.

Rainbow Broadband verified line of sight between KYLE edit’s rooftop and one of their many fiber hubs around the city, then worked quickly to get a 25 Mbps link up and running.

“Rainbow Broadband doesn’t act like a utility, they act like a partner,” Sparks explains. “We needed to get connected immediately, and Rainbow moved with a sense of urgency that we really appreciated. They were very easy to deal with, and their service is also the most flexible: If we need to increase the amount of bandwidth for uploading and downloading, they can adjust it to rise to the occasion.”

With a reel that includes work for Canon, Garnier, JC Penney, Heineken, Chase, Verizon, GE, and many more blue-chip brands, it’s clear that the KYLE edit team is in demand. With their Rainbow Broadband connection, this young editorial firm has the speed it needs to keep up.

“High bandwidth is something we can’t live without,” says Jackie Sparks. “At any given time we may be posting 30 files simultaneously, that are 20 Mb apiece. That’s a lot of plates to be spinning! Rainbow Broadband is how we keep them all in the air.”