Rainbow Broadband Makes Google’s Gigantic Billboard Go in Times Square

The largest digital screen in North America is in New York City’s Times Square. Measuring 25,000 sq. ft., eight stories tall, and stretching an entire city block, it’s no surprise that it’s got an equally big advertiser throughout the 2014 holiday season: Google.

Not content to simply display a motion graphic, Google’s gigantic billboard is interactive, presenting players the world over with a mobile game that allows them to “Androidify” themselves. That means this massive sign requires an Internet connection in a notoriously complex location – one that works with the rock-solid reliability and high bandwidth of fiber, but can be set up and taken down on demand.

Rainbow Broadband was the choice to connect Google and the experiential promotion’s production company, Magnetic, to the necessary bandwidth. With its proven expertise in providing New York City events with customized connectivity solutions, Rainbow Broadband has supported global brands including Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and many more.

Using its Hybrid Fiber microwave network, Rainbow Broadband frequently creates networks that support thousands of people -- or one humongous sign -- in 48 hours or less. Rainbow Broadband can customize services to each event’s unique specifications, providing multiple Wi-Fi networks and passwords, separate VLANs, and hard lines with specific bandwidth profiles for live streaming.

Rainbow Broadband is providing Google and their team with a fast 100 Mbps symmetrical connection, which has the capacity to go all the way up to 1 Gigb upon request. In addition to powering the giant sign with 25 hard lines, Rainbow Broadband’s link is lighting up Wi Fi for 150 clients, enabling printer kiosks, roaming tablets, a print shop network, production network, and Kinect gaming network and more onsite.

The result is a globally connected, only-in-NYC experience that would be impossible without expert management of the last mile. Rainbow Broadband makes it work perfectly for Google, the 300,000 people who pass by the big sign each day, and all of its virtual visitors worldwide.

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