Rainbow Broadband Marks 10 Years of Bringing Vital Fixed Wireless Infrastructure, High-Speed Internet and Job Growth to New York City

Company is Now One of New York’s Largest Fixed Wireless Providers, With Clients Including Google, BuzzFeed, Vice, Facebook, Twitter, and More

Rainbow Broadband (www.rainbowbroadband.com), a carrier class fixed wireless network servicing New York City, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary throughout 2015. The anniversary confirms the company's status as an integral part of NYC’s communications infrastructure, providing a growing customer base with the vital Internet connection and network services that they need to thrive.

With a decade of experience providing cutting-edge solutions to successful businesses, Rainbow Broadband now stands as one of New York’s largest fixed wireless providers, with a reach that includes 300+ buildings connecting 500+ customers to a collective 12 Gigbs of capacity. Many of the fastest-growing companies in social media, digital media, finance and beyond count on Rainbow Broadband daily, including BuzzFeed, Vice, Kickstarter, Vayner Media, Samsung, Adobe, Twitter, and more.

Rainbow Broadband has also emerged as the go-to resource for bringing bandwidth to hundreds of live events in challenging locations such as Central Park, Times Square and Battery Park for the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

“New York City continues to be a magnet for the best and brightest in social media, digital media, advertising, financial, and many other growth sectors,” Rainbow Broadband Founder and President Russ Hamm said. “Rainbow Broadband’s 10 years of experience mean we can connect them to the world with maximum speed and reliability. We are now a vital part of the infrastructure for this inspiring city, and we have even more in store as we embark on our second decade.”

Rainbow Broadband was officially born in January, 2005, when a SoHo multimedia production company signed on for a 10 Mbps connection. As Hamm and his team – who at the time consisted of one network engineer and one salesperson – expected, word of mouth began to spread quickly throughout NYC: There was an affordable and dependable source of high-speed bandwidth now available to businesses, and it could be installed within days, instead of the months or even years that a direct fiber connection requires.      

Ten years later, Rainbow Broadband has proven to be a true New York City success story. The company has been an engine of job growth employing 30+ people including an in-house sales team, business development, marketing and social media specialists, and Juniper-certified network engineers who are focused on growing and maintaining the Rainbow Broadband hybrid fiber microwave network and supporting managed services. In addition, four different teams of install technicians handle events and building-based customers, overseeing the company’s installs from end to end. The comprehensive executive management group includes strategists, financial and accounting personnel.


About Rainbow Broadband Inc.:

Rainbow Broadband is a fixed wireless carrier class network, supplying innovative technology and solutions to New York City businesses that require competitively-priced high-speed broadband, without having to rely on the incumbent carriers’ infrastructure. Using a Hybrid Fiber Microwave system and its own carrier class network made specifically for New York City, the company has developed a fast and reliable broadband network that can deliver symmetrical bandwidth at speeds up to 10 Gigb, via Ethernet, to businesses which previously had limited Internet access due to location or cost. Rainbow Broadband is a full-service organization offering a suite of broadband and IT solutions for New York City metropolitan area businesses.

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