Beyond Bandwidth: Rainbow Broadband’s Managed Services Make Networks Work

Getting connected to the Internet is about more than just bandwidth – for many New York City businesses, gaining access to broadband is just the beginning.

As NYC companies grow they expand into bigger offices, only to discover that they need the fast setup and huge capacity of Rainbow Broadband’s fixed wireless network in order to move video/audio files to the cloud, accommodate videoconferencing, and power social media. What they discover next is that their own network – the one that supports firewalls, routers, and WiFi for all of their employees -- also needs an upgrade.   

That’s why Rainbow Broadband offers complete managed network services for customers including Vayner Media, Fuzz Productions, and SHoP Architects: They ensure that their customers are making the most of their bandwidth, with networks that work flawlessly from end to end.

Network Know-How

Even though a company might have in-house IT staff, they may still need help managing their networks. Slow upload/download speeds or WiFi outages might be caused by local network issues, despite a broadband connection that tests out at full speed.

“When firms see rapid expansion, they often find that they no longer have the networking know-how to keep up,” says Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband. “What they need is a fast increase in expertise, which is best provided by our professionals who have a complete understanding of broadband architecture.”   

With Rainbow Broadband, customers benefit from a complete broadband + network services solution that few other ISP’s can match: Rainbow’s highly experienced engineers can custom design a network that’s optimized for each customer. Since they’re also supplying the broadband, their team constantly monitors the network, identifying and fixing problems before they happen. And in the event that support is needed, Rainbow Broadband’s dedicated sales and service staff is just a phone call away, 24/7.

It’s a one-stop solution that keeps employee productivity moving at maximum speed. It also delivers maximum value: Rainbow Broadband’s managed services are provided for a predictable fee each month, which realizes a significant savings over onsite IT staff or hourly consultants.           

“Confidence in connectivity is essential,” Hamm says. “Our customers already know they can depend on our bandwidth, and they have an equally reliable solution with our managed services: It’s a network that never quits.”