Twitter Flock New York Takes Off With Rainbow Broadband

Hundreds of Twitter developers descended on Manhattan in mid-March for Twitter Flock New York. The spirited conference was a major social media event, which educated people on how to create Twitter apps via the Fabric modular mobile platform. 

The crowd’s ambitions were fueled by bandwidth from Rainbow Broadband, which helped Twitter to connect them to seamless Internet throughout the day. Rainbow Broad band provided Twitter Flock New York’s venue, the Skylight Modern event space in Chelsea, with three separate WiFi networks, as well as a dedicated hard line for demo and stage use. 

With tweets flying from the crowd and high-powered presenters including Adam Bain, President of Global Revenue for Twitter, rock-solid dependability was a must –Rainbow Broadband delivered with a big 150 Mbps connection and zero service interruptions. As it always does with sizable events, Rainbow Broadband also supplied Twitter with hourly usage statistics and updates live from their on site technician. 

With its proven expertise in supplying New York City events with customized connectivity solutions, Rainbow Broadband has supported global brands including Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and many more. 

Using its Hybrid Fiber microwave network,Rainbow Broadband frequently creates networks that support thousands of people in 48 hours or less. Rainbow Broadband can customize services to each event’s unique specifications, providing multiple Wi-Fi networks and passwords,separate VLANs, and hard lines with specific bandwidth profiles for live streaming. 

When major social media companies like Twitter require a successful New York City event, they put their trust in Rainbow Broadband.