Bandwidth Speeds To Fit Your Needs: How Rainbow Broadband Provides A Customized Connection

Your business is unique. That’s why Rainbow Broadband has a wide range of bandwidths for New York City businesses, providing a customized speed to fit every need. 

Rainbow Broadband offers bandwidth speeds start at 5 Mbps going all the way up to gigabits. In between, customers have their choice of steps, including 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 Mbps, and coming soon are 2.5 Gigb and 10 Gigb. 

All of our fixed wireless offerings are symmetrical — upload and download performance are identical. They’re also dedicated, which means a connection is never shared with another client: Rainbow Broadband customers are always moving at the full speed they signed up for, with no slowdowns at “peak hours.”

How Do I Know Which Bandwidth Speed Is Right For Me?

Rainbow Broadband consults with each customer to determine the best bandwidth speed for your unique needs. A 100-person office using typical business applications may find that 50 Mbps is sufficient. Meanwhile, a 10-person video production firm could need 100 Mbps to move large video and audio files. A full complement of data/voice/WiFi and managed services could also have higher requirements.   

Whether heavy data applications are moving from point-to-point, or into the cloud, higher speed bandwidth is often needed to ensure the fastest possible upload/download performance. Rainbow Broadband works with many social media companies, for example, whose requirements are ranging from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps and more. 

With up to 1 Gigb available, Rainbow Broadband has the capacity to satisfy even the most demanding enterprise users. It’s a spec that few providers in New York City can beat.   

Can I Change My Speed If I Need To?

Yes. Dialing bandwidth speed up or down is as simple as a phone call to your dedicated sales person, and the change can usually be implemented immediately. In some cases, infrastructure upgrades may be required — we’ll take care of that, and make it fast and seamless. 

How Does Rainbow Broadband Back It All Up?

Speed is just one part of the picture. We back it up with our bandwidth SLA of 99.99% SLA. We have a decade of experience, with 24/7 proactive monitoring of every circuit. Rainbow Broadband means unparalleled service, to go with the speed you need.