Rainbow Broadband High-Speed Internet Selected By New Museum For Cultural Incubator NEW INC

Fixed Wireless Carrier Class Network Made Specifically for NYC Chosen to Supply 150 Mbps Connection for First Museum-Led Incubator

NEW YORK: Rainbow Broadband, a fixed wireless carrier class network made specifically for New York City, is providing high-speed Internet to NEW INC, the New Museum’s groundbreaking initiative which stands as the first museum-led incubator.

NEW INC is a shared workspace and professional development program designed to support creative practitioners working in the areas of art, technology, and design. Launched by the New Museum in September, 2014 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the incubator is a not-for-profit platform that furthers the Museum’s ongoing commitment to new art and new ideas.

When NEW INC established a collaborative space for its interdisciplinary community of one hundred members, providing the highly select group with fast, reliable Internet was paramount for New Museum executives. Furthermore, establishing the connection quickly and efficiently to the NEW INC offices next door to the museum was a top priority, after previous experiences installing fiber cable under the street proved frustratingly slow.

“We knew that any members that we attracted to NEW INC would require dependable high-speed Internet,” says Doron Ben-Avraham, Director of Technology, New Museum. “When we worked with the city’s dominant telco to connect the New Museum’s main building to fiber, the logistics were endless: We had to talk to five different crews to accomplish one thing, and everything took months.    

“We had a short turnaround time to connect NEW INC, and digging under the street again was going to be impossible,” Ben-Avraham continues. “We contacted Rainbow Broadband this time, and we saw that the alternative really is in the air. They gave us the speed we need very quickly.”     

Rainbow Broadband, which has been in business for over a decade and stands as one of New York City's largest and most experienced fixed wireless providers, was the solution. With its ability to establish a high-bandwidth Internet connection – up to 10 Gbps symmetrical -- in days or weeks, instead of months, Rainbow Broadband made NEW INC’s installation a painless experience.

Like many collaborative workspaces, NEW INC hosts a clientele that keeps none of their own servers onsite. Since the vast majority of the incubator members’ storage and applications are maintained in the cloud, seamless high-speed Internet is integral to startup-driven collectives such as NEW INC. Community members include anchor tenant Studio-X, a program of Columbia University GSAPP dedicated to exploring the future of cities; 4REAL, a New York-based digital agency specializing in designing and building scalable technology-driven Websites and apps; and Maxrelax, a multidisciplinary studio that prototypes, tests, and produces physical objects, digital media, and commissioned works.

“NEW INC’s dedication to new art and ideas puts them on the front lines of technology adoption,” says Russ Hamm, President of Rainbow Broadband. “The cloud-based workflow of their tenants means that easy access to robust broadband is integral to everybody’s success. Rainbow Broadband is proud to be providing essential infrastructure to forward-thinking institutions like the New Museum, and helping them to support cultural innovation in New York City.”