Everyone Wants WiFi

Connecting to social media at events is essential – today's attendees get fully engaged by sharing pictures and posts.

With digital dead zones becoming a huge problem at special events, the need for dependable on-demand WiFi and wireless networks is at an all-time high.

Rainbow Broadband has been the proven solution for Google, Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Twitter, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and many more. We frequently create networks that support thousands of people in 48 hours or less.

Planning a Special Event?

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Providing A Complete Solution

Rainbow Broadband provides the complete broadband solution for your special events. We don't just hand off an Internet connection – we'll deploy WiFi access points, wire drops, video streaming and hard lines. We'll install and monitor a secure, private network for the production of the event. We can even create separate networks for the presenters based on the criteria for bandwidth and cloud access.

Rainbow powered spike's live jumbotron video feed & WiFi • Lip Sync Battle 2015

For events that draw a lot of press, we create a separate WiFi access for journalists to connect their mobile devices. We use flow-based technology to examine traffic flow on the network and prevent denial of service attacks. We can provide on-site support and a firewall to monitor your network.

Rainbow Broadband doesn't just meet the specs – we over-engineer our networks to surpass every requirement. Our efficiency gives us a cleaner, better solution for clients that is tailored in terms of connectivity, service and bandwidth.

With Rainbow it's never just a handoff – our engineers are always on call to provide support. We do it all in real time, allowing us to find trouble before trouble finds you.

Rainbow VenueNet

Rainbow VenueNet provides live event services to New York's premiere venues including Metropolitan Pavilion, Metropolitan West, Hudson Mercantile, Industria New York and Industria Brooklyn. Our networks are permanently installed at these venues, and ready to use at any time.

Special events Rainbow has powered include Internet Week, CEWeek, Fashion Week shows, Nike's Basketball City, as well as events for Target, Kmart, Black Eyed Peas, Women in the World, Google, Youtube, Marriott, Spike TV's 'Lip Sync Battle', Microsoft, Samsung, TED Conference and IBM.

We've also been ahead of the competitors when it comes to WiFi access points for mobile devices, having already had success with Microsoft, Marriott and Google in Times Square; Samsung and the NFL in Radio City Music Hall; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park; Facebook at The High Line; and Jay-Z in Liberty State Park.

Screenshot from live, HD web broadcast • Women in the world 2016

Live Stream To Millions

Live streaming your event raises awareness about your brand or cause. You can extend your reach across the entire globe.

Rainbow Broadband's expertise in partnering with streaming services ensures that your live stream will go off without a hitch. Leave mobile trucks and satellites behind! Broadcast to the world the smart way – we'll show you how.

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